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Welcome to Direct Primary Care
Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship


Do I need health insurance if I enroll with Suzanne Gehl, MD?

Yes, it is highly recommended that our patients carry both a major medical plan and a health savings account to ensure financial help in the event of hospitalization or specialist referral.  Direct Primary Care is not an insurance plan, but helps reduce your health expenses by having rapid, quality access to care. We also help you save money on medications, labs, medical procedures and imaging studies. Overall, your health care expenses should be less. 

How will I know if Dr. Gehl or her associates are right for me?

You may schedule a free 30 minute "get acquainted" visit if you would like to meet and ask questions. 

Will I benefit from this type of care if I don't require frequent medical attention?

Yes! We are devoted to the maintenance of your good health and prevention of disease. Early detection of illness also optimizes your health, reduces time off work, and reduces expense.

Does Dr. Gehl accept my health insurance?

We do not bill any insurance companies. This model of care centers on a direct,  personal relationship between you and your doctor. This carries over to our business model as well. By not accepting insurance, the quality, quantity and cost of your family's healthcare is not dictated by an insurer. There will be no "co-pays" for your visits in this clinic, and you will receive many benefits through your enrollment. 

May children become members/patients?

Yes! We are happy to accept children of our enrolled clients. At this time, we are not able to provide routine vaccinations for young children, but will assist in arranging for them. 

May I contact my physician after hours? How?

Yes! Any day, any hour. If you prefer, you may use our secure patient portal to access your medical record and email your physician. Otherwise, call or text.